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In General , is a website where you can, without providing unnecessary details or revealing your confidential details, get to know about all the latest stuff about upcoming results, recruitment procedures and other relevant data which you would need for any of the recruitment vacancy. The Internet servers are handled in a professional manner that includes the collection of Domain name and IP addresses as well, of the visitors which are kept for a month in our records. These records are maintained and the information is collected to evaluate the per visit, the average time which is spent by them on the site, related page views and related information. The motto of is to collect these information and use those information in a productive way and to develop ideas through which the content provided through the website can be improved for better. We never share your confidentiality with anyone, such as your email address and other stuff with any third party owners.

Assurance to Safeguard Your Private Information
With a view to provide you the best of all the information now and in future as well, we might need your certain information. We also understand that you would be concerned about how your such information going to be utilized? specially your Email-address. As of that we admit that you have total right about knowing about your privacy and your personal information. Accordingly, we have admitted this Privacy statement to oversee the treatment of your personal information.

Use of Information
We assure you that the personal information which you will provide to us will be particularly for our authentic business purpose which has nothing to do with any non-affiliated party. Therefore, no information will be provided to any non-affiliated parties except :

(1) as and when you have requested to do so.

(2) as permitted by law

(3) as may be specified therein.


Disclaimer have been providing the latest information from various sources ‘as is’ and the content is particularly use as informative purpose and specifically not responsible for  any lack and inaccuracy of the said information. have the rights, as its own will, to make changes and alterations on the provided information. may also contain official links of some other sites on Internet as well. In a process of providing most suitable information to the readers, and while trying linking only those sites who share our benchmark set for quality standard and respecting our privacy policy, if by chance other sites failed to do so, would not be responsible for those information.

This website together with some other website might making use of “cookie” technology in order to measure the activity of Website and creating a customization as per your personal interest. A Cookie is that element of data which is send by an internet site to your browser, followed by storing cookies in Hard drive. This process aims to serve for better results as and when visiting our website, it also saves time together with providing optimum website experience.

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Those third-party advertisement servers would be using technology regarding to advertisement and all the links which are appearing on transferred straight to the browser you are using. Your IP address would be received by them automatically. Some other technology ( such as cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons ) would also be used by the party Ad servers in order to calculate the emay also be used by the third-party ad networks to measure the reach and efficiency of the advertisement and also to give a personal touch to the Ad you would see. is out of control over the cookies used by third-party advertisers.

You may also consult to third-party ad servers regarding their privacy policy if you are willing to know more details as well as how can you opt-out out of it. privacy policy is not going to apply to, as well as we are out of controlling the activities of, advertisers and web sites.

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